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Web Design


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iX articles

German: Usability of two daily papers' Web sites (12/00)
German: Optimizing graphics for Web pages (04/97)
German: Make-up for Web documents (03/97)
German: Tables and graphics in Web documents (02/97)
German & English: As you should like it: Considering Web layout (for beginners) (11/96)

Detailed & international

Elements of Web Design (Ben Benjamin)
Style Guide for Online Hypertext (Tim Berners-Lee)
A List Apart: For Poeple Who Make Websites
Design ideas for HTML tables (K. W. Bridges, John Pitko;)
AusWeb95 -- Interface Design -- Building Usable Web Pages (Tim Comber)
Web Pages that Suck (Vincent Flanders)
WWW Style Manual (Patrick J. Lynch)
The best of sites, the worst of sites (Louise McElvogue)
The Alertbox (Jakob Nielsen)
HTML-Layout (Hubert Partl)
WebSchrift Forum für gutes Web-Design (Wolfgang Schimmel)
Creating Killer Web site (David Siegel)
Tips for Writers and Designers (David Siegel)
Severe Tire Damage (David Siegel)
HTML Writers Guild Homepage (Bill Spurlock)
Suggestions for Web Pages (NAIC staff)
Secrets of the Web design masters


Slide Show: part I -- part II -- part II (Michelle Wyner)
JavaScript Apostle (Danny Goodman)


Das dreckige Dutzend (iX 8/2000)
Die Goldenen Regeln fr schlecvhtes HTML (Stefan Karzauninkat)
10 golden rules for great website design (Louise McElvogue, see link above)
The Top Ten New Mistakes of Web Design one of Nielsen's alert boxes, see link above)
Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design (yeat another alert box)
Top 10 Don'ts of Web pages (Christine Quinn)


Die Web216 Farbpalette (Ralf S. Engelschall)
The Color Cube (David Siegel)
Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube (William I. Johnston)
Color Cube (geodanny)
Netscape's 216 colours (Bob Cunningham; Hawaii)
Netscape's Color Cube revealed (Tom Venetianer)

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