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Microsite specifications

  • Microsite in Doctype HTML 5 (< !DOCTYPE html>)
  • Resolution of pictures needs to be min. 1.900 px. width
  • Input to create promotion banner (ads will be produced by heise)

Important notices:

  • Please send us responsive microsite as a html-file (doctype html 5). In order to ensure that no images are lost, please supply all images and HTML in one zip file.
  • Modifications to an existing microsite (replacement of graphics and longer passages of text) are subject to a fee!
  • heise online will track maximum of 5 outgoing microsite links
  • CSS needs to be defined in style-tag.
  • Maximum width of a Microsite: 1.000px.
  • Use HTML-Entities: For example &auml; instead of ä, &Auml; instead of Ä, &euro; instead of €
  • HTML tags must not be incorrectly nested (e.g. <table><form><tr>…</form></tr></table>). Each tag must be correctly closed (e.g. <td>…</td>). Tag attributes must be enclosed in "…" (e.g. align="top").
  • Absolute URLs including the protocol must be used for <a href="…"> and <form action="…"> (e.g. "http://www.kunde.com/cgi/xyz").
  • For images, the path must be <img src="imagename.gif"> as a relative URL.
  • If CGI scripts are called, they must be located on an external server and support METHOD="GET". It is not possible to install CGI scripts on heise online.

Microsite needs to be responsive!