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In March 1996, TELEPOLIS was launched as an online magazine critically reflecting the social,
political, scientific, cultural, and artistic aspects of the digital age. The readership which has
been growing constantly for 16 years highlights the users' affinity to TELEPOLIS.

TELEPOLIS offers readers' forums for all articles in which often controversial discussions take
place. Among others, the online magazine is popular for its specials on the world-wide Echelon
interception system, the Enfopol papers, or the copyright. The special on conspiracy theories
around September 11, 2001 by Mathias Bröckers provided a topic for discussion as well.

Since 2000, Heise Verlag has been publishing a special series of books. Since 2012, TELEPOLIS
has been publishing ebooks on top, for example on the sexism debate or on the search for extraterrestrial
artefacts on the moon, the Mars, in the solar system, and beyond.

Target group

  • ICT investment decision-makers
  • Convinced online shoppers
  • Extremely intensive online users
  • Technology enthusiasts
  • Early adopters


  • Network policy, network culture
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Cultural criticism
  • Digital art
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