AI Image Generator: New Midjourney Version Available as Alpha Test

The popular AI image generator Midjourney has released the new version 5 into public testing. The initial results are impressive.

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  • Christine Bruns

(This article is also available in German)

The image-generating Artificial Intelligence Midjourney is set to be updated to a new version and is now offering the alpha release for testing. This is particularly interesting for users who want to generate photorealistic images. Version 5 has been specifically trained and significantly optimized by the creators in this area.

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The new version is now expected to create much more detailed images and respond more closely to the prompts – the text inputs from users that generate the images. A longer prompt containing specific wishes regarding lighting or perspective should now deliver better results. These are impressive, even though the provider still distinguishes the alpha release from the full release in the chat. Both posture and hair, skin, and limbs look like those of real people in photographs. Although everything is still a bit too perfect, the leap in quality towards photorealistic representation is immense and incomparable to what both the previous version and image AI from other manufacturers currently offer.

Midjourney Alpha Test (6 Bilder)

A little boy watches snowflakes falling in the garden from the window. Midjourney's Version V4 creates beautiful images with a graphical charm. (Bild: Created with Midjourney by Christine Bruns)

The provider has introduced the new version in a quite creative way. Users can choose pictures in two galleries, one with completely different motifs, and one with two very similar images. There are always two images for comparison, and by clicking on the image, users can select their favorite.

The AI Midjourney operates through a chat in the communication app Discord. Users need an account with both Discord and Midjourney. To use version five, users currently need to specify this in their settings. To do this, please enter /settings V5 and click on Version 5 in the bot's response.

The image generator is in English and requires a paid subscription. Subscription prices vary depending on the number of generated images, ranging between $10 and $60 per month. An annual subscription saves you 20 percent. For those who do not want to commit to a subscription right away, you can generate ten images for free in a private chat or browse through a cluttered collection of generated images in one of the beginner chats, where you can create an unlimited number of images.

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