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A Letter by Refugees in Germany

We are appalled and shocked by what took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve

Dear Chancellor Dr. Merkel,

We are refugees here in Germany and have fled war and terror, bombs, political persecution and sexual violence (i.e. perpetrated by IS). Many of us had to traverse dangerous escape routes. We are happy that we have finally found protection in Germany and are most grateful to the German people and its government.

Given this context, we are appalled and shocked by what took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve. We abhor the sexual assaults and incidents of theft putatively perpetrated by migrants and refugees and strongly condemn these acts. We, too, regard the dignity of the human person, male or female, as untouchable. We, too, believe that theft is prohibited. It goes without saying that we believe in honoring and upholding the laws of our host country.

Many of us are faithful Muslims and Christians and share the tenets of belief of our brothers and sisters in this country. We stand for the protection of the dignity and honor of women, as both the Quran and the Bible demand. Likewise, we stand by the prohibition against theft as stated in the Quran and the Bible. The Muslims among us also wish to point out that the Quran forbids the consumption of alcohol. The Ten Commandments as stated in the Bible (Exodus 20:2-17) have their counterpart in Sure 17, 22-39 in the Quran.

We commit ourselves to do our part, within our means, to ensure that such crimes as were committed in Cologne will neither be repeated nor the hospitality of the Germans be abused.

With highest regards,

Anas Alhamsho, Duisburg, ( Syria)
Asif, Duisburg (Pakistan)
Mohamed Alyaman Abbas Hamo, Mülheim/R, (Syria)
Zaher Shaar, Mülheim/R, (Syria)

Letter in German [1] and Link auf ./47082_2.pdf.

Downloadable Link auf ./47082_1.pdf of refugees, who agree with the content of this letter (in German, English, Arabic). To send to until 16.1.2016: Flüchtlingsrat Duisburg, c/o Wolf-Dieter Just, Angerstr. 10, 47051 Duisburg

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[1] https://www.heise.de/tp/features/Offener-Brief-von-Fluechtlingen-in-Deutschland-3377653.html