ENFOPOL 98, Rev 1

Draft Council Resolution on New Technologies

DER RAT Brussels, 4 November 1998

10951/1/98 LIMITE ENFOPOL Rev 1 Note

from: Austrian Presidency
to: Police Cooperation Working Party
No. Prev.doc.: OJ C 329,4.11.1996, p. 1, 10102/98 ENFOPOL 87
10951/98 ENFOPOL 98
Subject: Interception of telecommunications, Draft Council Resolution on new technologies


The delegations will find attached the revised draft version of the Council Resolution on Interception of Telecommunication in Relation to New Technologies.

This version was compiled at two IUR Expert Meetings (20 - 22 October 1998 in Vienna and 27 - 28 October in Madrid).

It was agreed to make a reference in the actual text of the (new) Council Resolution that the requirements of 17 January 1995 are applicable both to existing and new technologies, these requirements needing supplementary explanatory details as a result of progress in telecommunications technology.

In Part 1 (Requirements) and Part 2 (Glossary) the provisions of the requirements 1995 are listed, explained and supplemented. Part 3 contains additional requirements and explanations. With regard to other technical areas which are indirectly related to the actual interception requirements (e.g. cryptography, call-associated and subscriber-related data), additional technical descriptions will be required. After completion, these might be published together with the Requirements 1995 and the above mentioned explanations and supplementary detail in a technical handbook.