Searching the Weapons of Mass Disinformation



See for example

"Wurmser had a direct link to the CIA because of his work on intelligence issues related to Iraq and frequently met with CIA analysts who worked on weapons of mass destruction. Through his contacts, Wurmser was told that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent working on WMD issues and it was she who had recommended Wilson for the trip, the sources said"

Or in Daily Kos:

"The fact that Wurmser worked at State at the time is also important because it put him in proximity to a man that likely knew of Valerie Plame, her work, and her relationship to Joseph Wilson. Specifically, Bolton's senior advisor and sometimes chief of staff, Frederick Fleitz."

From Congressman Henry Waxman's documents:

"This chronology described a meeting on December 18, 2002, between Secretary Powell, Mr. Bolton, and Richard Boucher, the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Public Affairs. According to this chronology, Mr. Boucher specifically asked Mr. Bolton "for help developing a response to Iraq's Dec 7 Declaration to the United Nations Security Council that could be used with the press. According to the chronology, which is phrased in the present tense, Mr. Bolton "agrees and tasks the Bureau of Nonproliferation," a subordinate office that reports directly to Mr. Bolton, to conduct the work."


See for example, La Repubblica's Scoop, Confirmed: Italy's intelligence chief met with Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley just a month before the Niger forgeries first surfaced." By Laura Rozen


On the 8th day of Fitzmas
we expect to see
eight aides testifying,
seven neocons praying,
six stoolies blabbing,
Dick Cheney sings!!
Rummy eats his words,
perped henchmen,
indicted fascist Rove,
and a prosecutor with integrity.

from "The 12 Days of Fitzmas"

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